Mikra Services excels at roof maintenance services and our highly trained and qualified professionals dedicate the deepest of attention to inspect and maintain your roof so that it can last for years.


Mikra Services delivers professional quality fiberglass roofing services that make a lasting impression. Add a lifetime to all your roofing projects to let your roof shine bright. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of workmanship with superior customer service. We only believe in the best works delivered from our skilled professionals, hence you are assured to be in safe hands. Our right team of professionals is ever ready to help you.

Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofs add a level of classy to your building and we, at Mikra, make it a point to deliver robust pitched roofing solutions that can last for years. This makes our method of roofing maintenance last for the long term with a complete cost-effective solution. You will also benefit added bonuses as our quality products eliminate the different shortcomings and short lifespans brought by the other inferior materials.


Firestone roofing systems ensure a reliable and durable form of solution for all industrial and commercial roofing applications. It is also an ideal choice for most residential properties in the modern days with hundreds and thousands of roofs worldwide. Mikra Services can assist you with high-quality roofing services that can show long-lasting results. You can be assured as our systems have been designed to take care of the unpredictable British weather ranging anywhere between freezing temperatures and heavy downpours.

Tile and Slate

Tiles and slates are among the most aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions available these days. However, you need professionals to get the best results. Our experts at Mikra Services can undertake any kind of repair and installation work involving tiles and slates. Our professionals have the skills and training required to deliver the tiles and slates solution that you are looking for within the specified timeframe and budget.

Lead Work

The importance of lead work in roofing cannot be denied. For that reason, you need qualified professionals to help you get the best results. At Mikra Services, our professionals are highly trained and capable of delivering quality work at the best possible prices. We are capable of handling all kinds of lead work on roofing and deliver them within the given timeline and budget with ease. With Mikra Services, there is little to worry.

Roof Windows

Taking proper care of your roof windows will ensure extended years of trouble-free products and keep all others servicemen at bay. If you are looking for the best window roofing solutions you can count on Mikra Services, you can get expert solutions to take care of the window roofs. As long as there is a solution available for repairing your window roofs, we do not push our clients for a new replacement. In addition to the repairing works, we also investigate the areas thoroughly to avoid missing out any faults.